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Where Do I Go To Get Started In Jr. Drag Racing?..........

In today's Jr. Dragster world there are so many options, how does a person know which option is the best starting point for their race team? While we can't make the choices for you, here at Huddleston Performance we try to make Jr. Racing as easy as possible for our racers. Our championship winning hardware does its job of taking care of the veteran Jr. Racer, but what about the newbie who is just getting into the sport? Here we will go over a number of options available to new Jr. Racing Families. We will touch on different aged racers, and offer what we feel to be the best options available for them to get the most out of their Jr. Career. Let's start with the younger generation of Jr. Racer.

5 Year Olds

The 5 year old division of the Jr. sport is a fairly simple one, you will need to go with the LO206 engine combination to get your feet wet. This is mandated by NHRA, and offers options for getting your young driver slowly adapted to the feel of a racecar.

The motor itself is a sealed over-head valve starter motor. In its original configuration it is capable of low 12's in most situations, however different carburetor slide options let you slow it down much more than this for new drivers. These motors are what you would picture for a starter piece: pull start, gas burning, low maintenance pieces. Here at Huddleston Performance we have handled all of the small parts needed with this combo with our LO206 Package. You simply need a chassis to install it on, and for $1,289 you are ready to race!

As for a Chassis for your 5 year old racer, a nice well built inexpensive car will do the job. When running in the 12 second and higher range, you are not asking a lot of the racecar itself therefore you don't need a shiny brand new car to get started in the sport. Look through cars to find the one you want, and if you need some advice about what you find then give us a shout for help making your choice!

6-7 Year Olds

Starting with a 6-7 year old driver in the Jr. World is much the same as a 5 year old, however once you reach this age you can legally go as quick as 13.90. At most tracks you are still mandated the use of the LO206 combination at this age. A change in the carburetor slide and adjust the weight of your car and you are ready to go quicker and step up your Jr. Program.

The biggest change we see when you reach this age is the desire racers have in the chassis department. While an inexpensive starter chassis is still more than enough, some racers like to look to the future with their 6-7 year olds and go with a newer style chassis. Many don't step up to a brand new HP Assassin Chassis, but will go ahead and spend a few extra dollars on their used chassis to last them further into their Jr. Career.

For those of you looking to jump in with both feet, we do offer our HP Assassin Turn-Key Cars with the LO206 Package. This is a combination that will serve you many years as you upgrade throughout your Jr. Career. Our HP Assassin Turn-Key Cars utilize only top of the line parts regardless if you're going 13.90 or 7.90. For that reason you don't find yourself having to purchase multiple cars in a short span of time, you simply upgrade your engine/clutch and move up in E.T.

8-9 Year Olds

Getting started at the 8-9 age group is the point where your options open up, and you really have to watch what you purchase. Your racer can now go as quick as 11.90, and is no longer mandated on the engine combination they have to run. This opens your world to LO206's, Used Flathead Engines, and New Flathead Engines.

The LO206 is still a nice option for the racer who isn't worried about running right on the 11.90 limit. Still the most inexpensive option, this combination allows your racer to get on the track for the least amount of money. The 11.90 e.t. limit begins to push the every day expectations of the LO206 however, so if you're looking to run 11.90's everywhere you go then this may not be the option for you.

Next is the Used Flathead Engine option. While a used HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter would be your best option, and one we could probably help you learn the history on, these engines are not always available at the time you're ready to purchase. If you can't find one of these engines then the next best option in the used market is going to be to find a combination that is racing local to you with a good history. There are a lot of suspect pieces in the used market which could make starting your Jr. Career more difficult than you or your driver wants, so buyer always beware when dealing in the used engine market.

Another option open to you is to go with a brand new HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter, or HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package. Going this route gets you the most trusted piece, and the most technical support of all your options in the early stages of your Jr. Career. This option also makes the upgrading of your hardware easier down the road as you can trade it back in toward an 8.90 Sniper Jr. if that's the direction you go.

Regardless of the engine direction you choose, you will obviously still need a racecar to install it on. A used car will suit you fine, but this is the point in Jr. Racing where families start to look seriously at a new HP Assassin Chassis so they can get more years of use out of it. Lets look at the pros and cons of each option.

The used car option is still a great route to go to save money at this age, but you need to be more selective in your purchase. Not because 11.90 puts more horsepower to the ground, but because you don't want to purchase a car that isn't going to be good enough for 8.90 racing in just a few short years. A mild steel rigid car would get the job done for you in 11.90 racing, but you're probably looking at purchasing another chassis within a year or 2 for your upgrade to the 8.90 world. For that reason, a new racer starting at the age of 8 or 9 probably wants to look into later model used chassis made of chrome moly.

The new HP Assassin 11.90 Turn-Key Car is the best option for an 8 or 9 year old racer, but it is the most expensive upfront. However, the long term cost of ownership will be cheaper going the brand new route so you will need to keep that in mind as well. The HP Assassin 11.90 Turn-Key Car gets you the top of the line everything: Chassis, Engine, and Clutch. Your Chassis and Clutch components will be more than enough to carry you from 11.90 through 8.90 to 7.90, you simply need to change out the engine on the car as you upgrade. This option is by far the easiest on a brand new racer, and long term more than pays off as you can win rounds and races immediately.

10-12 Year Olds

Starting between the ages of 10-12 is where you can really let loose and put together some fun packages. By this age the drivers can now go as quick as 8.90 legally. While we don't suggest putting a new driver into a car that quick, you can still own the correct hardware to run these numbers as your driver develops and shows they're ready.

Engine wise you will find a number of different options for the 8.90 world. As with all of Jr. Racing you still have the option of going with a used combo or a new engine package. Like with any used combo you want to really do your homework before purchasing. The sport of Jr. Drag Racing has been around long enough now that some of the used 8.90 combinations for sale today are old enough that they constantly need work and will have you spending money every time you turn around.

The best place to look for quality used engines is right here on the Huddleston Performance website. We have a whole section dedicated strictly to motors which have been traded in by customers as they step up. These engines are all fresh and ready to put you in the Winner's Circle the day you get them. The inventory here is constantly moving though, so if this is the route you'd like to go be sure to check out the Used Engine page often to find an 8.90 combo.

Much like the 11.90 ranks, if you're going to look in the used market but outside of vendors then you will want to start at your local track to find combinations you've watched race. While this still isn't a guaranteed way to get a good piece, it is much safer than purchasing a package you've never laid eyes on. If you need some assistance or guidance on purchasing a used combo, don't hesitate to call us here at the shop for any help you may need.

The option many go with when entering the Jr. World is a new HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Engine or HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package. This combo makes the transition into the Jr. Sport as seamless as possible. There are a number of benefits to this particular option when getting into the sport for the first time including: Less time learning your combination to win, Trust of the hardware you've purchased, Ability to slow this combo down for new racers, and Trade-In value at Huddleston Performance when you're ready to step up to 7.90 racing. If you want to be competitive immediately and not waste years of your Jr. Career then this is the option for you.

Once you have established which engine combo you are going with, it is time to get the correct chassis. Once you have entered the 8.90 world it is important to get a high enough quality car to be competitive. The mild steel rigid chassis simply won't get it done from this level forward. If you're going to look in the Used Car Market then you will want to find a chrome moly chassis built by a reputable vendor. While you may find a chrome moly chassis, if it is not built by a company you can find today, then replacement parts may become difficult to find. There are many high quality mid 2000's chrome moly chassis on the market for $3,000-$4,500 that will work great in 8.90 competition.

The final option for your 8.90 racer is to put them in the highest quality piece on the market today, the HP 8.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car. This ensures your driver has all the necessary tools to win any race they enter, and makes your learning curve in the Jr. World much less steep than piecing together used items. While you can get to the track cheaper than this option, over time the HP 8.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car pays off with round wins and less unsuccessful trips to the racetrack.

13-17 Year Olds

If you are starting you're Jr. Career between the ages of 13-17, then you are getting a late jump on things. This does limit your options if you don't want to waste the precious little time you have before your driver ages out. However, there are still a lot of different options available to you throughout the Jr. World now because you are opened up to 7.90 racing at the age of 13!

Engine wise you need to choose very carefully at this age. A bad purchase here can waste years of your Jr. Career and take away from the overall experience you should have. If you're purchasing your first combo at this age, it would be best to stick with trusted used options or new engine options.

The used option can still save you money and give you a great piece to race. However, taking chances on engines you've never seen from someone you've never met is taking a pretty big risk with the limited time you have in Jr.'s. For that reason, going with a used option which a credible source can vouch for is your safest way to get a good product and save money. Starting in the Huddleston Performance Used Engine section is a great way to save money and get a trustworthy piece for your Jr. Career. If you don't see anything you like or if inventory is low there when you're ready to purchase, give us a shout at the shop and we will be happy to look at some used pieces you've found!

The next engine option, and the best one for a racer starting at 13 or older, is to go with a new HP Sniper Engine Package. We see a lot of different ideas when the driver is old enough to go any E.T. they would like. The main thing to remember when starting with a new driver is that seat time cures most everything. You don't want to scare them from the beginning by going to quick, but you don't want to have a slow enough combo that they loose interest quickly. For this reason we suggest starting drivers off with an HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package for their first year. Yes they can go quicker than 8.90's, but this combo allows us a lot of options to get the most out of your Jr. Career. First it allows us to slow down beyond 8.90's with the use of Restrictor Plates, Lead Weight, and more in order to get your driver use to the feel of the racecar. Next it allows you as the crew chief to decide when your driver is ready to go quicker, and make the necessary changes to pick the car up over time. If your driver progresses as you'd like then you can see 8.30s-8.50s with this combination in most situations. The beauty of this option is, after the first year you can trade it in on an HP 7.90 Sniper Package and save some money over the full price.

If you have a 15 or 16 year old driver you're wanting to get started with, things can be tricky at this age. We would suggest calling us at the shop and discussing fully your situation to ensure you get the best bang for your buck in the engine department!

Once you have reached the age where 7.90's is a legal e.t., the chassis you purchase really begins to matter. In order to go 7.90's consistently, your car is going to see 60 ft's ranging from 1.67-1.72 on a regular basis. To produce those numbers it takes a good car working properly every time it leaves the starting line. The used market has a number of good cars, and the brand new HP Assassin Chassis works great for any of our combinations from 11.90 to 7.90. We're happy to help anyone try to find a combination that works well for them and saves money, many times that right combination is an HP Assassin Turn-Key Car to get the most out of the short amount of time you have in the sport. Determining how competitive you want to be right off the bat will ultimately help you choose the path you take by this age!

Here at Huddleston Performance we are constantly trying to help our customers have that competitive edge over other racers. Regardless of the age, we want to see your team sitting in the Winner's Circle. While it is nearly impossible to touch on every team's individual needs, we hope that the above information helps to inform you of different thoughts when purchasing Jr. Dragster products for your race team. If you have any questions from New to Used, don't hesitate to call us at 931-437-2457 to discuss all of your Jr. needs!