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11.90 Pea Shooter

8.90 Sniper Jr.

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.50"

7.90 Sniper XL

Briggs & Stratton 206





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Huddleston Performance Holeshot Series Clutch

We have worked hard over the years to develop the single best clutch available for a Jr. Dragster. Not only do our Holeshot Series Clutches look great, but they are second to none in performance. Many innovations in both the Driver and Driven units allow the Holeshot Series Clutches to out perform our competitors, while also being nearly indestructible. Improvements such as the Cover-Lock Assembly, Long Post Kit, HP Heavy-Duty Driven Post, HP Heavy-Duty Rear Sheaves, and our One-Piece Spiders are just a few of the creations which set our clutch apart.

The Holeshot Series not only offers you a chance to run some of the toughest components on the market, but it also allows you one of the largest tuning windows available today. Through advances in Ramps, Helixes, and Engagement Points, Huddleston Performance can equip you with a clutch that is tunable at any point on the racetrack. You are no longer limited to mass changes such as clutch weight, which effect every part of the run from start to finish. For more information on our individual clutches please click below.

Also, for those of you in the market for a nice clutch but don't want to spend quite as much money, we now offer many lines of clutches. Huddleston Performance is a stocking dealer for the Terminator Non-Overdrive Clutch at $595, the Polar Junior Clutch at $645, the Original Series Non-OverDrive Clutch at $659, the Terminator Over-Drive Clutch at $695, and the Generic "Polar Style" Overdrive Clutch at $795. Although none of these options quite compare to the Holeshot Series Clutch, they are great alternatives in many situations. If you are not sure what you need, call us and we can discuss your many options!


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