Huddleston Performance 8.90 Sniper Jr. Ultimate

At Huddleston Performance we approach 8.90 racing a bit differently than some. We prefer to build you more horsepower, as opposed to just enough to go 8.90. This allows our 8.90 combination to work well for most any racer of any size. It also has it advantages on the racetrack.

A typical 8.90 motor runs around 72 MPH. Our 3.100" Bore x 3" Stroke Sniper Jr. typically runs in excess of 74 mph. This change in mph helps in a few different ways:

1. It allows you to run a softer gear ratio which all but eliminates tire spin. The bigger bore gives the motor the horsepower it needs to pull the gearing early in the run.

2. The mph increase allows your driver to be the one chasing when they race another 8.90 car. This lets your driver see the finish line and make the decision better than the driver who has to turn around and find your racer. The increase in mph also helps when racing 7.90 entries, the speed difference at the finish line is not as great which gives your driver the opportunity to make a better decision at the stripe.

Full list of 8.90 Sniper Jr. Features:

Virgin 356 T-6 Aluminum Sniper Block

3.100" Bore x 3" Stroke

1" ARC Billet Crankshaft

ARC Billet Long Rod

CNC Cylinder Head, Manifold, Ports

HP Custom Heavy Duty Dyno Camshaft

PVL Ignition

HP Oil Pan System (20 ounces of oil.)

3/8" Clutch Bolt Hole in Crankshaft

7mm Titanium Valves/Beryllium Copper Seats

HP Prepped 33 mm Mikuni w/ Billet Top/Bowl

11/32" Oversized Billet Lifters

3 Stage Coated Header

HP Double Baffle System

The HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. is a complete motor. Simply add oil, your clutch, and your racecar to go race. Expect 8.90's at 400+ lbs.

HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Price - $4,995

HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Price w/ Holeshot Series Clutch - $5,990

All Engine Sales Final. No refund on deposit after 24 hours.