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Huddleston Performance Holeshot Series Clutch

The HP Holeshot Series Clutches continue to add value above and beyond race wins. Not only are the Holeshot Series Clutches some of the best looking in the industry, but the tunability is limitless on these combinations. Although we do our best to hit the tune-up right out of the box, we realize that some people have their own thoughts on how they'd like to see their cars perform. As such the Holeshot Series Clutch offer you plenty of options on how to achieve the maximum results for your race team.

Innovations on both ends of the clutch put the Holeshot Series in a league of its own. To better explain all the improvements of the Holeshot Series Clutch we will break down each end of the clutch.

Driver Unit (Front Half)

The Driver Unit is the brain trust of the clutch. Not only have we given you a large amount of tunability with our Driver, but we have also made it bullet proof.

The first improvement we addressed was the HP Long Post Kit. For years clutch posts were made to only engage in the front cover about 3/16".This allowed the clutch cover to wear quicker from less engagement. We have eliminated this issue with our HP Long Post Kit. We have extended the overall length of our clutch post for double the engagement. This improvement significantly improves the life of your post and clutch cover.

Next we addressed how to keep the clutch contained in the event that your clutch bolt came loose. We invented the Cover-Lock System. As in true Huddleston Performance fashion we create a piece which was not only strong enough for the job, but compact and well designed. Our Cover Lock System is made of steel, is 9/16" fine thread on the business end, and takes a normal 9/16 wrench to loosen and tighten. This small piece has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your Jr. career.

The next area of improvement was in the Spider, Drive-Hub, and Clutch Arms. We went to a One-Piece Spider design and created a new drive-hub design to allow for longer life. The One-Piece Spider is lighter than the traditional two-piece design, and comes with directional slots machined in it to create a vacuum inside the clutch. This helps to pull belt dust away from the clutch bushing and improve consistency. Rather than having to clean your clutch weekly like many clutches, ours only needs to be cleaned approximately every 75 passes. A standard Drive-Hub in today's Jr. Dragster clutch is 1/2" of functional area, we increased that to 5/8" in the Holeshot Series Clutches. This allows for improved wear over the life of the clutch, which means the same consistency for a longer period of time. Next, we have designed the lightest business end clutch arms in the industry, while still maintaining exceptional strength. The light arm makes them a great choice for any form of Jr. racing from 12.90 to Outlaw, as it gives you a larger window of clutch weight adjustment over other arms. However, the bridging between the 2 sides of the arm gives it the right amount of strength to prevent bending under loads.

The final area of improvement was in the clutch cover itself. Past designs have allowed the cover to flex out of shape at high rpm's. The Huddleston Performance One-Piece Cover cuts this flex down by nearly 70%. In addition to cutting flex down in the cover itself, the HP One-Piece Cover weighs less than 2/3 of the standard two-piece style covers on the market today. Lightening holes help to work with the Spider Slots to remove belt dust from the Driver Unit.

Driven Unit (Back Half)

Although many companies won't make certain claims, here at Huddleston Performance we will make one claim for sure. The Holeshot Series Driven unit is indestructible when installed correctly. For years Driven units have had problems breaking sheaves, posts, and tower pins, those days are over with the Holeshot Series Clutch.

We started with the biggest issue facing Driven units, the breakage of rear posts. On the helix side our HP Rear Post is the same as many, allowing for various brands of helixes to be run. However, on the other end we have stepped our post up to a massive 1 3/4". (Industry standard is 1 1/2") This increase virtually eliminates Driven Post breakage. To finish it off, we had the post red anodized to ensure a long wear life.

Second, we addressed the problem of clutch sheaves breaking or bending. We have thickened the Holeshot Series Sheaves, and given them a nice flowing shape. This means you won't have to worry with replacing sheaves due to bending or breakage after a few seasons of racing. We have also gold anodized these sheaves to make sure you get many seasons of use out of them without belt wear. After many seasons of searching for the right material, we came up with the HP White Bushing to put into our clutch sheaves and helixes. It is the most dimensionally stable and longest lasting bushing available for Driven Units today.

Finally we created Steel Tower Pins to keep you from striping out or bending the Aluminum style pins. These Steel Tower Pins are made of a hard steel and tapped deep to allow you to run a longer bolt. They are finished off with a black oxide finish.

The last improvement to the Holeshot Series Driven Unit was the introduction of Multi-Angle Helixes. These new tuning devices give you the option to tune your car at specific points on the racetrack. If you want to lighten the load early in the run, you can change to a helix that is less aggressive on the first angle. If you would like to increase the load down track, you can change to a helix that is more aggressive on the final angle. This allows you to get all the performance out of your Huddleston Performance Holeshot Series Clutch.

We hope that you will choose the Holeshot Series Clutch when making your next clutch choice. Whether you are going 11.90 racing or you are going Outlaw racing the Holeshot Series Clutch can help put you and your team in the winners circle.

Holeshot Series Clutch - $995