Huddleston Performance 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package

Our 8.90 Engine Package is the best value in 8.90 racing. The tune-up we have developed completely takes the racecar out of the equation. Regardless if you have an older chassis or a brand new one, our 8.90 Package gives you a chance to win every round. We do this through horsepower, clutching, and gear ratio. Our combination runs 60 ft times in the high 1.90s-2.00s, making it nearly impossible to spin the tires. We then use 74+ mph speeds to run right on the 8.90 e.t. Not only is this the most consistent way to the finish line, but it also gives your driver an advantage over their competition.

The average 8.90 car runs approximately 72 mph, our combination run 74+. This means your driver will be closing on the other car, and be better equipped to judge the finish line. Not only that, even when racing 7.90 cars the mph difference is much less with an HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package making it easier for your driver to judge the stripe when they are the slower car. Regardless of the opponent the HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package gives your racer an advantage over most 8.90 racers. This package speaks for itself with its countless local wins, series wins, national wins, and endless Championships nation wide!

The HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Packages includes: HP 8.90 Sniper Jr., HP Holeshot Series Clutch, HP Dual Bearing Crank Support, and HP Jackshaft Support.

HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package - $5,250.00

8.90 Sniper Jr. Options

HP Billet Carburetor Top/Bowl - $100 w/ purchase of new Sniper Jr.

(Pictured Below)

HP Billet Oil Baffle System - $100 w/ purchase of new Sniper Jr.

(Pictured Below)


All Engine Sales Final. No refund on deposit after 24 hours.