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11.90 Pea Shooter

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There Is a Difference In The Huddleston Performance Way.............

2017 HP Assassin 7.90 Turn-Key Car


Here at Huddleston Performance we spent a lot of seasons racing Jr. Dragsters, and the majority of those years ended with us collecting a Championship. Throughout those years we made ALL the mistakes racers tend to make. Everything from having the wrong hardware, to ordering less than we needed to compete at a high level. From those years of both mistakes and winning came a knowledge base unparalleled in the Jr. Dragster industry. That being the case, when the time came to begin production of the Huddleston Performance Assassin Line of chassis's we knew what bells and whistles racers needed to win on the local and national levels.


The difference in the Huddleston Performance way versus our competitors lies in the details and knowledge put into each racecar. Every car that leaves Huddleston Performance is either a Complete Roller or a Turn-Key Car. We do not supply stripped down rollers, to us those are the cars where details are missed and races are lost. Everything from chassis design to location of your taillight to multi-adjustable seats to small details such as heat shrinking each wire connection and loctiting all necessary bolts, we cover all the details to ensure you have a successful run with your HP Chassis.


The Difference is in the details..........


An Intro To Our Chassis


The first difference you will notice is the design of the chassis itself. The Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis incorporates our Triple Slip Design. This design gives the backhalf of our chassis the movement it needs to firmly plant the tires each and every pass. By taking some of the work load off the rear tire, and putting it into the racecar, it helps to eliminate overhooking and the resulting tire spin and shake on higher horsepower cars. This results in a more consistent racecar from pass to pass.


Next you will notice the HP Three Bar Front Design. Our HP Designed front ends incorporate an adjustment on the lower frame rail to allow you to add or subtract preload based on on your wants. However, unlike other three bar designs, ours does not bind the front of your car up beyond a certain adjustment point.


All Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis are built using a "Three Bay" drivers compartment. For those of you new to the Jr. world, a bay is the window created between 2 uprights and 1 diagonal in the drivers compartment. By current sanctioning body rules you are allowed to run either a "Two Bay" or a "Three Bay" chassis design if you use the correct spacing. However, here at Huddleston Performance we take driver's safety very seriously. That being the case we strongly believe the more bars holding your driver, the safer they are each time they leave the starting line.


Finally, HP Chassis' are built with a 20" wide cage as our standard setting. This allows your driver room to grow without the need for a new car every year or 2. We also have the capabilities of building a car to suit your driver. If you would prefer a wider or even narrower car we can build it. The amazing part is that we can make your car look just as good as our standard 20" cars. Many of you have seen HP Chassis' that were wider or narrower than standard and you didn't even realize it thanks to our ability to change the bodies to fit. Custom widths must be ordered so allow time for this, and the use of Aluminum bodies is a must on custom widths.


An Intro To Our Components   


Billet Adjustable Offset Spindles


We have worked hard to create the most racer friendly racecars available today. As such it seemed natural to start at the front of the car and improve as we went back. That is why the first thing you will notice on all Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis's is the use of Billet Adjustable Offset Front Spindles. These newest spindles not only offer a racer more options on raceday, but being made of billet aluminum they are some of the strongest spindles available on the market today.


One of the best features of these spindles is the variety of adjustment you have. Whether you have problems with the beams at your track, or you need to add/subtract rollout for your driver, these spindles allow you to make small changes (without having to re-check or re-set toe in). In a matter of minutes you can have 0 offset, 1" offset, or 2" offset.


In addition to finer adjustments, these spindles are also some of the quickest to change in the industry today. Simply take the positive lock loose, unscrew the wheel stud, change holes and tighten back down. In only a few short minutes you can have any offset adjustment you would like. This is a great option when you find yourself in a time crunch between races!



Adjustable Lower Seat Mount Bar


For years we raced with one of the bigger driver's in the Jr. Dragster League. Out growing a number of cars throughout our long career, we didn't want to see other racers go through that same hardship. That is why all Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis's come standard with an Adjustable Lower Seat Mount Bar.


This innovation has allowed racers to go from 1 or 2 years in a car to an entire career in the same car if they desire. By offering cars that are already 20" wide at the cage (industry standard is 18"), you simply change out seats which lay your driver down more as they grow.


We offer a number of different depth seats to allow your driver ample room to grow throughout their career. Installing the seat is simple: get your new seat, lay the seat in your current car, mark the quarter turn holes and drill them, move Adjustable Lower Seat Mount Bar to its new location and drill 2 holes in your floor board to hold it, install your seat and trim the edges to your desired fitment. In one evening you can completely change how well your driver fits in their ride!


Strange Brakes




Giving racers the most consistent car is important, but your driver having the ability to stop it is equally important. For many years it was accepted by racers to put kart style brakes on their Jr. Dragster. Very few chassis builders incorporated anything better. The Huddleston Performance Assassin comes standard with a Strange Brake Caliper and lighten 7" Brake Rotor.


The combination of a superior caliper and lightened brake rotor give our chassis' greater stopping ability than most on the market today. These systems give a great stiff pedal to the driver, allowing them to stop easier and safer after each pass.


HP Weld On Motor Plate

Over the years nearly every Jr. Racer, or their buddy, has experienced crushing motor mount bars with "Clamp On" style motorplates. That's not even mentioning the damage done to your powder coat with those style motorplates! That is why the 2013 HP Assassin Chassis Line has gone to a weld on plate.

This new plate allows you an easier adjustment window than other designs, while sticking to a nice simple setup. All you have to do is loosen the 6 bolts holding the plate down and you are ready to adjust your chain. We have also incorporated a larger diameter weld on bung to eliminate the problem of "digging in" associated with other weld on style plates. These new bungs offer a larger clamping surface to stop them from digging into your plate and making it difficult to slide it back and forth.

HP One-Piece Self Centering Rear Axle

Our latest rear axle not only is an improvement on performance, but also makes car maintenance easier on the crew chief. These latest HP Axles are a one piece center section design, making them basically impossible to hurt during the racing season.

The HP One-Piece Rear Axle also incorporates a new addition for crew chiefs, these axles are self centering! That means if you have the ability to simply bolt them in the car then you have them centered. No more measuring each side of the axle before you lock it down or having to worry about if the axle has shifted within your car during the season. These axles nearly install and center themselves!

We also incorporate a heavy duty 5 lug wheels hub into our cars. As the weights of Jr.'s increase through safety additions and kids growing up, it is a must for cars to improve in every way. That is why the Assassin comes standard with a custom made heavy duty 5 Lug hub to help with the additional load. But no worries for those of you who love the 3 Lug design, our HP Axle can be retrofitted with the standard 3 Lug hubs.

Sweating The Small Stuff



Many of you have seen a number of different ways to include the Manual Kill Switches into your racecar. Everything from clamp on style to plain handle types. Neither of these styles creates a look that we were happy with. The Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis comes standard with a permanent mounted Manual Kill Switch setup.

These systems include small tabs welded to your chassis prior to powder coat to give a low profile look. Then we top it off with a fully CNC machined, tumble polished, billet aluminum handle to ensure your driver won't break it getting in and out of their hotrod. This setup also includes a high quality press fit cable for longevity.




Every racer has experienced a Dial Board that is simply in the wrong place. Whether that means you can't read your dial, or it is simply inconvenient for you while working on your hotrod. No matter your issue, the Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis takes care of the problem. We offer 3 different locations for your Dial Board! You just tell us where you'd like it placed at the time of ordering your car and it will be located correctly the first time you head to the track.


Each car has the option of 3 locations for your Dial Board: Rear Push Bar Mount, Puke Tank Mount, and Wing Strut Mount. This gives you plenty of places to put the Dial Board to fit your needs.


We also leave our Dial Board Mounts open on the backside. This allows you to put your dial-in on from either side depending on the track you are at. There is no more flipping your dial board, or taking it off to spin it around. Simply walk around to the other side of your car and enter your number depending on where the tower is located at your home track!





In keeping with our attention to detail, the 2013 HP Assassin Chassis now incorporates Billet Aluminum Tumble Polished Rear Axle Plates. These plates are machined with lightening holes throughout, and even have beveled edges for added appeal. Once the plates have been fully machined they are then tumble polished to really help set them apart from the competition.


Our rear plate and chassis design also help to add strength to the backhalf of your car. Our enclosed chassis design allows the rear plates to transfer load through multiple pipes within your chassis. This helps with keeping the rear tires firmly planted, and making sure your chassis lives a long healthy life!



This page is intended to help you as the end buyer understand some of the differences in purchasing a Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis over any other brand available to you today. We have laid out a number of physical options which help to separate us from the competition. However, something that we can not put pictures of is the quality which each car is built with. As former Jr. Racers ourselves, who have been to the top of most mountains, we understand the time and effort it takes to truly supply a superior chassis to you. Before making your choice on which racecar you are going to purchase, you owe it to yourself to call and talk to us about a Huddleston Performance Assassin Chassis!