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HP $5K Shootout Pre-Entry Set To Open in Less Than 1 Week

We're only a week away from the pre-entry opening for the HP $5K Shootout! Thursday, June 20th, at 10 a.m. EASTERN, the most highly anticipated Jr. Race on the planet will open for pre-entry. Don't be slow on that keyboard, this one fills up fast!

We will post a link to the pre-entry page in the coming days for those who can't find it on Bristol's website.

Huddleston Performance Intrduces NEW True 22” Assassin Chassis for 2019

Here at Huddleston Performance we are always trying to bring you the latest and greatest in Jr. Dragster racing! This time around we have turned our attention to our HP Assassin Chassis, and bringing you the best looking BIG car the Jr. World has seen!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh look another wide car.”.......well you would be wrong if you assumed that was all the new HP True 22” Assassin sports. While a wide shoulder hoop area is one of the main features, the new HP True 22” Assassin is a big car in every direction for truly big drivers.

The first thing you’ll notice in the photo is how sleek and good this big car looks. That is because we have redesigned an entirely new body mold to truly build a big body. This body sports taller sides, increased width, and a taller center peak. This gives us the ability to build you a bigger car without losing the great looks of a standard machine.

The HP True 22” Assassin has a number of other changes to help our larger Jr. Racers. A rise in cage height allows a larger driver to still utilize a more sit up style seat, while the raised body keeps the looks stylish. The shoulder hoop bars have had the taper decreased in them, allowing drivers more elbow room for better fitment. As well as the new body having the peak raised to allow for more foot room for our racers with those big size 13 Nikes!

In the end, we have truly brought you one of the best looking 22” cars ever! If you’ve got a big driver, and don’t want the cartoonish style car to keep them in Jrs, give us a shout to get your name on a new HP True 22” Assassin.

Btw, these cars can be made Turn-Key in any configuration, the first new ride was outfitted with our 7.90 Sniper Ultimate XL Package. In its first weekend out it produced et’s as quick as 7.85 at 580lbs!

Call today to get started on yours. 931-437-2457. We currently have one in stock and ready for immediate delivery as a Roller or Turn-Key!


Huddleston Performance Introduces HP Original Series Over-Drive Clutch



Here at Huddleston Performance we are constantly working with your budget in mind. Whether it is the low cost of ownership of our brand new HP Sniper Engines, or maximizing the bang for your buck within your set budget, we want to make sure you get the best hardware your money can buy. That in mind, we have introduced the new HP Original Series Over-Drive Clutch! This is a complete Over-Drive unit, Front/Back/Belt/Hardware, for the low price of $749!


These new HP Original Over-Drive Clutches are a great option from 13.90 to lower horsepower 7.90 combos. That means you not only get a very nice clutch at a low price, but you also get longevity out of it as you use it through the different ET brackets fo your Jr. Career! Be sure to let us know what you're putting it on when ordering, to be sure we tailor the tune up as much as possibly to your specific set up.


You also have the choice of front ramp holder color when ordering. These unit are available in black anodized as well as silver! Call today to get your hands on an HP Original Series Over-Drive Clutch and save some money!


Huddleston Performance Introduces Next Generation 7.90 Engine, HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate Raises the Bar In Jr. Racing

**Note to Readers: Remember the time and date you read this. This new engine will have many copy cat forms over the coming years. There will only be ONE original version of all these items.**

Bo Huddleston and the team at Huddleston Performance have been hard at work creating a new level of 7.90 Jr. Dragster Engine. We began with one of the most accomplished Jr. Engines on the planet, the HP 7.90 Sniper Lite. From there many hours of design work have gone into building the most advanced Jr. Engine the sport has seen, with over 40 changes helping to extend both longevity and consistency. (Yes we think we can improve even from the Championship leading HP 7.90 Sniper Lite. :)) These countless hours have resulted in what you see, the new HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate!

The HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate is stronger in nearly every direction. The base starts out with an all new, Huddleston Performance exclusive, Billet 1 1/8" Crankshaft. We felt this was an absolutely necessary starting point for the new combination. Many of you are familiar with the more standard 7/8" and 1" journal crankshafts. Reality is, in 7.90 competition, no version of a 7/8" crankshaft is good enough in ANY ENGINE. For that reason, we at Huddleston Performance worked with ARC to produce the first ever 3" stroke, 1" crankshaft over 15 years ago. The 1" has been the standard in Jr. Racing since then, until today when the new HP 1 1/8" Crankshaft is setting a new bar!

From there, the proprietary parts list and the strength of this engine continue to grow! All new HP exclusive Connecting Rods, HP exclusive Lifters, HP exclusive and larger than ever made Cam Gears, Improved Crank and Camshaft Bearing Layout, Thicker Cylinder Sleeve, Larger Diameter Valve Seats, the list of stronger parts is nearly endless! These parts are just a sneak peak at the internals which set the new HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate apart from every other engine on the market today.

Internal parts are only part of the improvements brought to the new HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate. For the first time in Jr. Dragster history there is an engine which includes an HP Oil Pan System! This new system gives a larger crankcase volume which allows for the use of more oil within your expensive engine. More oil capacity means the dilution of metal shed throughout racing your combo. Cleaner oil equals more longevity for all of the parts in your engine! (ALL OF THE PARTS IN YOUR ENGINE!!) The new HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate has an oil carrying capacity of 20 ounces, and with the built in baffle system, you will actually race on those 20 ounces!

The external improvements continue all around the HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate. A new improved Head Bolt Pattern helps to minimize blown head gaskets, built in Crank Support comes standard, removable Cam Bearing boss allows for easy change bearings, PVL Ignition incorporates the latest in Jr. Ignitions, optional 40mm or 42mm HP Carburetors, as with the internal parts, the list of external improvements goes on and on!

We currently have a few R & D HP 7.90 Sniper Ultimate's racing throughout the country. They have found the Winner's Circle many times in 2017, with one of them already claiming its first Championship! Don't get left behind, or settle for the copied version of the latest Jr. Dragster technology, call Huddleston Performance today for the best 7.90 Jr. Dragster Engine ever created!